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“You can’t change your genes, but you can change how your genes behave through epigenetics”
mydnage biological age test kit
Blood Biological Age Test
Our At-Home Blood Collection Kit is a lancet-based kit that will only need to collect 2-3 drops of blood. This test can be done from the comfort of your own home.
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Urine Biological Age Test
Our At-Home Urine Collection Kit allows the simple collection of urine. it is easy and simple with step-by-step instructions included with your kit.
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What is the myDNAge® Test?

Our test is a biological age test via epigenetics. This test is based on Dr. Horvath’s epigenetic aging clock. We utilize our proprietary technology, SWARM (Simplified Whole-panel Amplification Reaction Method) to analyze DNA methylation patterns of >2,000 loci on the human genome to give you the most accurate biological age prediction in a high throughput manner. 

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myDNAge® Blood or Urine Test?

We offer two sample collection kits so that you can choose based on your preference. Our biological age test is optimized based on sample type. Based on our population studies, the performance of blood and urine DNAge® tests are very similar. However, it is important to note that not every test subject has the same DNAge® prediction for blood and urine. This is because some individuals have different aging rate in different part of the body.

For the blood biological age test, majority of the DNA is extracted from the white blood cells, meaning it measures the overall immunity of the body. On the other hand, the urine biological age test measures the overall urinary tract health since the DNA extracted from the urine sample comes from the organs encompassing the urinary system.

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Did you change your diet? Did you change your lifestyle? Or did you start a new age management routine?

We recommend retesting every 6 to 12 months.

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DNAge® Population Study:
DNAge® of General Population vs. HIV-positive and/or Down Syndrome Subjects
myDNAge vs Calendar Age Graph

DNAge® is a powerful tool to measure our biological age. Unlike telomere tests, the biological age measured by the myDNAge® test is strongly correlated with chronological age (Pearson’s r = 0.96), indicating that DNAge® is a robust biological age test.

In this population study, we showed that HIV-positive and/or Down syndrome subjects experienced a faster aging rates compared to the general population.

Whether you are doing a lifestyle change or taking an anti-aging intervention, we can help you accurately measure your biological age using the myDNAge® test.

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